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Punjabi Music

Punjabi music has a diverse style of music, ranging from folk and Sufi to classical.Punjabi Pop is the most popular nowadays in Bollywood. The innovation in Punjabi pop and mixing in intertnational urban music style gave boost to punjabi music to enter in Bollywood and most lovable in Punjabi living outside the country. Most lovable entrance of punjabi urban style singer Guru Randhawa in Bollywood movie in 'Ban Ja Rani mp3 song.

Punjabi Folk Music:
Folk music of the Punjab is the traditional music of Punjab produced using the traditional musical instruments like Tumbi, Algoze, Dhadd, Sarangi, Chimta and more. There is a wide range of folk songs for every occasion from birth to death including marriage, festivals, fairs and religious ceremonies.“In almost every wedding ceremony family members, friends, and professional folk musicians perform different sets of folk songs which use themes from a nostalgic past, but communicate themes of separation, joy, fear, and hope in the present.” The lyrical content of many of these wedding songs have the paternal home depicted as a source of love and nurture. Folk music continues to be used as a modern tool and a way of locating identification.Singers like Gurdaas Mann, Harbhajan Mann are the backbone of punjabi Folk Music.

As punjabi music

gets the impact of the English by the entry of the rappers in Punjabi music. Young people like this but the thinkers are always on the opposite side of this. According to them Punjabi music losing it's uniqueness by the entry of other nation's music. It's true that the combination and distribution of knowledge is necessary for the progress of everything but it can be in limits. But according to the views and shares on social media of such songs shows the impact.As the youth of Punjab and India is appreciating such music.

Today Punjabi music converting in the Punjabi cinema.

Most of the Punjabi singers are performing the actor like Gippy Grewal,Diljit Doshanj,Jassie Gill,Tarsem Jassar,Amrinder Gill and many shooting are made in foreign countries.It is also the reason of internationalism of the Punjabi music.

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